Electromagnetic Drive Unit

An Electromagnetic Drive Unit is used when a controlled feed rate is required for an application. Particularly suitable for frequent and rapid stop/start operation, electromagnetic drive units provide instantaneously variable feed rate control.

The main advantage of an Electromagnetic Drive is that the run up and stop time is virtually immediate. This makes it a perfect choice for applications that require high speed and accuracy – for example when weighing material onto a scale or filling into packaging.

Electromagnetic Drive Units Smaller

Typical applications:

  • Batch feeding and weighing of food grains
  • Bulk filling and weighing of pharmaceuticals
  • Charging
  • Discharging and controlled transfer
Electromagnetic Drive Feeder

An electromagnetic drive unit is most often used in conjunction with a feeder. A popular application is to feed material into a container on a weight scale – the drive works at full amplitude to fill the container rapidly, and then feeds slowly in a trickle until the target weight is reached.

Electromagnetic Drive Unit

Electromagnetic Drive Demonstrations

Delivery feed is infinitely variable
STOP/START operation virtually immediate
Instantaneous control of ON/OFF delivery
Feed rates adjustable for each application
Adjustable oscillation frequencies
No performance loss with heavy bulk load
Extensive service life
Low consumption of power
Reliable – do not require routine maintenance

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