Vibrating Feeder

An Electromagnetic Drive Vibrating Feeder offers easily and continuously adjustable flow rate control together with virtually instantaneous stop-start material flow.

  • A vibratory feeder can be a trough, tubular or enclosed trough design
  • Powered by our electromagnetic drive units, vibrating feeders have the ability to continually adjust throughput rate
  • Material flow stops almost instantaneously when the unit is de-energised (due to the drive unit’s internal damping)

Typical applications of a vibratory feeder include:


Filling and weighing applications:

A common use of a vibrating feeder is in filling applications where the electromagnetic drive operates at maximum amplitude to rapidly fill a weighed container. As the target weight is reached, the feed rate is slowed to a trickle until the final weight is achieved and the unit stopped.

Vibratory feeders can also be used for metering product into an elevator, pneumatic transfer line or belt conveyor and discharging from silos, hoppers, bulk bag stations or bins.


Vibrating Hopper Feeders

We manufacture a special range of hopper feeders that can be used as a means of bulk store for components and parts destined for automated production lines or bowl feeders. The hopper feeder capacities are up to 1.15 cubic meters.

An electromagnetic drive feeder, used in conjunction with weigh sensitive frames, can also be used to break down smaller bulk loads from hoppers or bins into manageable streams – for example, when feeding food production lines or heat treatment furnaces.


Vibratory Feeder Demonstrations

Trough, tubular or enclosed trough designs available
Trough Lengths: 250mm to 2500mm
Trough Widths: 100mm to 900mm
Tube Lengths: 750mm to 3000mm (up to 350mm dia.)
Capacity 0.5 – 150 M3/hr
Powered by electromagnetic drive units
Continually adjustable throughput rate
Instantaneous STOP/START control
Can be used in tandem with a hopper feed
Vibrating Feeder power consumption is low
Low wear equipment
No need for routine maintenance
Dust tight construction designs available
Easy and efficient clean down times
Suited to weighing and packaging applications
Breaks down bulk loads into manageable streams

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