weighing and packaging food grains

Weighing and Packaging

With our electromagnetic vibrating feeders particularly suited to the application, weighing and packaging is one of our most popular industry solutions. The instantaneous on/off function, paired with the ability of high speed feeding, makes electromagnetic drive feeders ideal for automated weighing into batches. Policing screens and compaction tables are also popular solutions for the application:

Electromagnetic Drive Feeding

  • Batch feeding into multi-head weighs
  • Ingredient Feeder
  • Hopper Feeding
  • Feeding to magnetic detection equipment

Vibrating Screening

  • Policing screens - to remove oversize lumps

Compacting Particles

  • Compaction tables and platforms

Examples of food handled by our solutions:

grains in packets and shredded tyre rubber

  • Cornflakes, cereals, oats, maize
  • Rice, pasta, peas
  • Salt, pepper, herbs, grains
  • Coffee, gravy granulez
  • Dried fruit, sweets, chocolate pieces

Other materials handled into weighing and packing processes:

  • Chemicals
  • Metals, glass, sand
  • Plastics and waste 
  • Tyres and rubber

With weighing and packing one of our most popular solutions, please don't hesitate to contact us if you would like to learn more about the ways in which your application or system could be enhanced with the use of vibrating handling equipment.