cement, sand, gravel and stone

Cement, Sand, Gravel and Stone

The construction, aggregate and quarrying industries benefit greatly from vibration handling equipment. Vibrating feeder systems are designed to handle bulk storage and discharge all shapes and sizes of components in a controlled manner - often onto weigh scales for bagging.

Special screens can remove swarf, sprues and unwanted parts from bulk feed, thus separating and sorting the material into sizes. Compacting concrete tables are also particularly suited to the construction industry - making it much easier to transport and handle concrete and similar materials.


  • Vibrating hopper discharging feeder
  • Feeding to rock and stone crushers 
  • Hopper feed to bagging process
  • Bag and sack filling 


  • Vibrating screens to separate sizes
  • Screening out lumps
  • Dewatering screens
  • Soil screening

Compactingstone, sand, gravel, rock

  • Concrete compaction tables
  • Container and bag compacting

Examples of materials handled by our equipment:

  • Cement, sand, gravel
  • Stone, concrete, brick
  • Rock, plaster, roofing tiles

If you are looking to compact cement, handle sand, gravel, stone or any other bulk heavy materials within the construction, aggregate or quarrying industries, we are more than happy to discuss the ways in which industrial vibration equipment could help you. If you would like to talk to us, please click here.