Tea Bag Shredder & Reclamation Machine

Our Tea Bag Shredder and Reclamation Machine has been designed to efficiently shred tea bags and reclaim tea from waste or faulty tea bags on the production line.

By shredding and then separating the tea from the bags, the Tea Bag Shredder significantly reduces the amount of product lost, and makes it easy to return the tea back into production and to recycle the paper left over.

Rates of recovery:
In the region of 18,000 tea bags per hour

Tea recovery rate:
In excess of 95%


High Quality Reclamation

Currently in operation with many of the major UK tea brands, the Tea Bag Shredder and Reclamation Machine economically recovers the tea and gives a very high proportion return for re-packaging. Most importantly, the method for recovering the tea results in an absolute minimum of paper and fibre contamination, preserving the grade of the tea.

High performance shredders cut, rather than tear, the bags: a precise and clean cut ensuring the extracted tea is as free from paper fibres and paper inclusions as possible. A specially designed screening deck then tumbles the paper and removes the tea, achieving optimum separation and recovery results.


Handling multiple flavours of tea - easy clean down

Consideration has been given to the requirement for handling different flavours or blends in tea production, and for the need to clean down thoroughly and quickly between batches. The machine has been designed with quick release and ease of accessibility throughout, and in practice the machine can be thoroughly cleaned down in a matter of minutes.


Adapting the tea reclaim system to your application

Another advantage of this quickly disassembled design is that the screen panel is an interchangeable module and allows different screen sizes to be used for different tea blends. Individual screen panels can be changed or a complete screen module can be kept ready for immediate use. Particular developments have been made for string-and-tag tea bags, to minimise string fibre on a special screening deck.

The Tea Bag Shredder and Reclamation Machine can be used in-line or off-line, with the waste tea bags being fed either by hand, or by a purpose built elevator unit that will accept bulk loads.


The paper is discharged via a spigot at the front of the unit, whilst the tea is discharged via a spigot beneath the unit. We have produced units both floor-mounted and mounted on platforms, depending on how the separated products are to be collected and handled. Some clients adopt pneumatic transfer systems to transfer the tea back to the line and the waste to compaction and storage, whilst other clients prefer to collect the separated products in containers beneath the unit, which given the volume of paper produced requires the unit to be elevated from floor level on an access platform.

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