Vibrating Screen

A vibrating screen separates materials by size and can be used to improve and solve many product handling challenges. Typical applications include:

  • Removing oversize material from usable product
  • Separating solid product from liquid – also known as a dewatering screen
  • Dividing material into individual size fractions through grading and sizing
  • Removing fines prior to bagging or packing – also known as a dedusting screen
  • Course grading and sieving
  • Fine grading
Tension Screen for Vibratory Separator Smaller

The benefits of a Linear Vibrating Screen

A linear vibrating screen is a particularly effective solution for separating product as the vibration throws material forward along a length – allowing the smaller pieces more opportunity to drop through the screening deck, whilst also maintaining production efficiency by feeding the material onto the next process.

Systems that use a circular or elliptical motion have to be declined in order to convey the component. A linear vibrating screen however can be installed and operated horizontally, as well as offering the following significant advantages:

  • High screening capacity
  • Practically no wear on the screening deck
  • Excellent separation effect
  • Minimal pegging and blinding of material
  • Shallow construction

By implementing a conveying element, the material continually moves forward which enables the fines and oversize to be discharged via outlet spigots which can be orientated in line or out to the sides, designed to suit the next part of the process. This is also true of multi-deck screens.


A vibratory screen can separate, grade, dedust or dewater a wide variety of materials, including:

  • Food produce: Chocolate, grains, granules, crisps, pasta, dried fruits, sweets and more
  • Pharmaceutical products: Capsules and powders
  • Recycled materials
  • Heavy materials: Rock, sand, gravel or stones
  • Glass: Particularly in removing the water from broken or used glass bottles
  • Chemicals and dry fertilisers

Screening Panels

The availability of different types of screening panel makes a linear screen a versatile solution that can handle many different materials. Screening decks can take the form of woven wire panels, perforated plate or special polyurethane panels that each suit different materials and applications.

A unit can be designed to have a single deck, double deck, or triple deck screen, dependant on the degree of material separation you are looking to achieve. Ball decks can also be introduced to dislodge tricky material that can bind and stick within the apertures. When a unit is designed well, screen panels are replaceable, quickly interchangeable and removable to help with quick and thorough clean down.

Throughput rates vary with overall dimensions of the unit as well as the screening aperture size – where there is a significant difference in separated sizes, throughput rates are often higher. Where the separated fractions are of a similar size, larger screens are required to achieve higher throughput rate.



The action of the vibrating screen means that product is only in contact with the screen panel for approximately 55% of the time, so wear is very much reduced providing a long and reliable screening panel life. Manufactured in either open or enclosed construction, vibratory screens can be designed in stainless steel for use in hygienic environments such as the food or pharmaceutical industry, or in carbon for heavy duty tasks such as foundry, recycling, glass, scrap or waste recovery applications.


Vibratory Screen Video Demonstrations

High volume material throughput rate
Extensive range of fixed operating speeds
Single or multi-deck screening designs
Linear screen designs for advanced screening
Variety of screen decks – including woven wire, perforated plate, grizzly bar, polyurethane panels
Equipment specifically designed to reduce blinding and pegging
Available in ATEX certified designs
Fast and efficient separation of materials
Screen panels are quickly interchangeable
Long and reliable screening panel life
Low wear components
Low power consumption
Linear screen conveying element

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