Vibrating Conveyor

A vibrating conveyor is ideally suited to applications with high throughput rates – such as a bulk product transfer – where the conveying velocity is generally fixed.

  • A vibratory conveyor can take the form of open trough, enclosed trough or tube design
  • Conveyors are driven by singular or twin vibrator motor drives
  • Have a wide range of fixed operating speeds
  • Conveying rates can be manually adjusted with an inverter to suit the process requirements

Typical applications of a vibrating conveyor include:

stainless steel conveying

Design and size:

The fabrication of the vibrating conveyor can take the form of open and enclosed troughs as well as tubular designs typically to a maximum length of 5 meters long, per single conveyor. The equipment can be manufactured in carbon steel, or for hygienic applications such as food and pharmaceutical, in full stainless steel.

twin motor drive conveyor with screen

Abrasion resistant liner:

Applied Vibration conveying troughs can be lined with a various materials to protect from abrasion and aid the transfer of material – suited to their application. For example, when handling rock or metal scrap, the conveyor can be lined with abrasion resistant steel, or when handling foundry moulding sands or recycled waste the conveyor can be lined with plastics and rubber.

Abrasion Resistant Lining Conveyor Smaller

Twin motor drive conveyors:

Twin motor drive vibrating conveyors provide high volume feeding and efficient product conveying with throughput rates, for our equipment, being up to 500 M3/hr. Twin Motor drives are generally used when the rate of discharge does not need to be adjusted or when feed the required feed is infrequently on and off – for example topping a hopper up to a level probe.

Inverter based controls can be used in conjunction with twin motor drives to allow for flow rate adjustability to a reasonable degree – though care must be taken when altering the oscillation frequency. Although twin motor drives do not offer the same degree of control as electromagnetic drives, they are the often the first choice for large conveying equipment as the high amplitude and throughput rates provided are ideally suited to conveying heavy/bulk loads.

Motor Drive for Web
Trough, enclosed trough and tubular conveyor designs available
Extensive range of fixed conveying speeds
ATEX certified designs
Capacity 6 – 330 M3/hr
Impact plates for handling heavy duty construction materials – such as rock and heavy scrap
Singular or twin motor drives
Manually adjustable conveying rates
No need for routine maintenance
Material does not wear down easily
Power consumption is low
Easy and efficient clean down
Expendable liner plates can be fitted
Designs suited to rugged construction

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