Vibrating Spiral Elevator

A vibrating spiral elevator lifts or elevates products to a higher level, and provides a means of lifting product in a very small footprint area – often as part of a processing line. Vibrating elevators are ideally suited to elevating friable products, such as dried pasta and snack foods, as the vibration action is very gentle and does not damage the product in elevation. 

  • Spiral elevators have a small footprint area
  • Practically maintenance-free method of lifting
  • Gentle vibration action suited to friable products
  • Unrivaled for gentle handling and reliability
Spiral Elevator

Typical applications include:

  • Elevating pasta shapes and pastry cuttings
  • Transport metal chips upwards
  • Lifting plastic granules
  • Elevate metal swarf and glass cullet
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The limitation of a vibrating spiral elevator is that regular cleaning requires good access all around and up the unit, which can be a problem particularly with taller units. Similarly, they are not ideally suited to dusty materials as larger enclosures can be cumbersome.

However, when used in the right application they are unrivaled for footprint area, gentle handling and reliability.

1.9 to 13 M3/hr Capacity
Elevation Heights: up to 4000mm
Unit Diameters: Up to 900mm
Gentle vibration (particularly ideal for conveying friable products)
Gentle vibration and conveying action
Low wear equipment
Low level power consumption
Small footprint area – ideal for limited floorspace
Unrivaled for gentle handling and reliability
Virtually maintenance free method of lifting

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