Glass and Metals Handling

Glass and Metals Handling

Often used in foundry and glasswork applications, our vibrating feeders and conveyors provide a precise controlled feed rate to heat treatment equipment and furnaces.

Expendable, wear resistant liners can be applied to our feeding and conveying troughs, and our range of equipment can be adapted to handle the often harsh environments of the industry. Our glass and metals solutions include:

Feeding to furnace and heat treatment

  • Furnace feeder
  • Cullet feeder
  • Magnetic separator feeders
  • Feed metal parts within processing line

Conveying heavy glass and metal

  • Cullet conveying
  • Glass sand conveying


  • Shot blast screens
  • Vibrating shake outs
  • Media separation screen

Special solutions

  • Vibrating dead plates

This equipment can handle materials such as:

  • Bottles
  • Special glass
  • Technical glass
  • Metal parts
  • Ornament material
  • Decorations

We are always happy to discuss the particular issue that you have or application that you are looking to enhance. If you have any questions about glass and metals handling, please don't hesitate to contact us