Hopper Feeders improve production efficiency of vibrating screen, feeding and conveyor applications

Used in production lines across multiple industries, a well-designed vibrating hopper feeder can help a screening, conveying or feeding application become more efficient and effective within the production process.

A self-discharging bulk storage hopper is capable of storing and then discharging components in a controllable, continuous stream – thus avoiding any interruption in production. The design of the hopper with accompanying electromagnetic or vibrating motor drive unit should produce a progressively increasing product velocity towards the end of the hopper. This motion prevents mass flow and creates an untangling and thinning out effect on the material/parts, reducing them to a manageable quantity.

This is particularly beneficial when the hopper is feeding onto a conveying plain or a vibrating screen. When released from the hopper feeder with such control onto a screen, for example, material empties out onto the screening panel in a thin layer, allowing the smaller components to drop through the screen easily and separate out efficiently as per the design of the vibratory screen unit. Similarly, when discharged onto a conveyor or vibrating feeder, the even spread of material allows for smooth and accurate product transfer along the conveyor or out of the feeder.

A hopper feeder can be supplied in carbon steel, stainless steel or full food quality manufacture. Used individually or in multiples and, if necessary, utilising a vibratory transfer feeder, a hopper feeder can also be designed to deliver material/parts to precisely where required in a pre-existing production line set-up.

We at Applied Vibration Ltd have designed and manufactured vibrating hopper feeders to a range of industries including food and beverage, recycling, glass, waste – handling a variety of different materials and specifications. If you would like more information, or to talk to a member of our team about your specific application, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.