The most effective vibrating feeder design for wide belts and process lines

Wide Vibratory Feeder with Single EM Drive Applied Vibration LtdOften there is a need to feed a fine or very low burden depth of material across a wide belt or process line, thus requiring a wide, but relatively short, conveying trough. A vibrating feeder is the perfect solution for this application, though many designs rely on using multiple drives to feed across the width of the unit.

This is problematic, as using multiple drives can prove to be very expensive and it can be difficult to ensure that consistent performance will be achieved across the width of the trough. This is why we at Applied Vibration Ltd design and manufacture wide, short, and, most importantly, single drive vibrating feeders.

Our wide vibratory feeder units use our own range of electromagnetic drive units that are designed to give complete control over a fine feed, across the entire width of the trough. The design we have developed helps to keep the stainless steel conveying plain flat, therefore providing consistent and reliable material throughput across the width of the trough and onto the next process.

These wide vibrating feeders are often used in conjunction with a wide hopper with a narrow outlet to match the short length of the feeder, thus distributing material across the width of the feeding trough (as it is important to remember that the process of vibration will not automatically spread and distribute the product evenly). The electromagnetic drive provides complete control and instantaneous stop/start over the material, and typical applications have included feeding heat treatment furnaces, food processing lines, cookers, dryers, magnetic separation equipment and optical sorting machines.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like more information on vibrating feeders for wide belts and process lines, or have questions about any of our equipment.

Single Drive Wide and Short Vibrating Feeder by Applied Vibration Ltd