Vibrating conveyors and feeders helping to keep chemical industries environmentally friendly

In many cases, handling and transporting hazardous or toxic materials in the wrong way can be as dangerous to the environment as the way in which they are created or disposed of. This is why Applied Vibration have developed a range of vibrating conveyors and feeders that are specifically designed to prevent product contamination and also eliminate atmospheric pollution. This equipment is particularly suited for the production of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products, together with food packaging and production. They can also be used in chemical and general applications where hazardous and even toxic dusts are generated.

Fully enclosed tubular conveyors and feeders can be supplied in lengths up to 6 metres with throughput rates up to 77m3/hr. These can be manufactured in a variety of materials and finishes including stainless steel with both internal and external polishing if required. Either electromagnetic drives, suited to frequent stop/start and bulk/trickle feeding can be fitted, or vibrator motors where only limited flow rate control is required. High volume feeding and conveying is accommodated with trapezoidal and rectangular trough units providing throughputs up to 1500 3/hr.

As well as protecting both the product and the environment, other potentially difficult handling problems have been solved including abrasion, adhesion, low bulk density and flushing from feed hoppers. Equipment for use in zones I and II hazardous areas, where potentially explosive atmospheres exist, has also been supplied.

The products have evolved to cover both customer requirements and current legislation. All units are simple to clean down, incorporating dust covers with quick release fasteners where practicable. This allows internal access to the units which are totally crack and crevice free. Dust extraction spigots and additional inspection ports can also be fitted if required.

With considerable experience in solving the problems associated with awkward handling characteristics, Applied Vibration Ltd specialise in the supply of practical, cost effective, efficient and, particularly in this case, environmentally friendly solutions.

For more information on our vibrating feeders and conveyors in the chemical industry and others, please feel free to contact us.