Vibrating feeder offers accurate container filling and control in weighing and packing systems

electromagnetic drive feeder for weighing and packaging applicationsThe best weighing and packing systems within production lines rely on speed, accuracy and efficiency in filling containers, packaging, FIBC or silos.

A vibrating feeder, with electromagnetic drive, provides instantaneous product flow from start-up with a correspondingly quick flow shut-off when the equipment is switched off. The vibration amplitude, which controls the flow, can be set for variable flow rates from a maximum bulk material supply to a nominal trickle feed. This ensures minimum time for general container filling with topping-up undertaken on trickle-feed to achieve final weight accuracy.

A vibratory feeder with electromagnetic drive has proven to be far more effective and efficient than screw feeders, and the ability to have open trough or fully enclosed design makes them suitable for use in the food and pharmaceutical industries, as well as in clean room environments. All external surfaces have a smooth finish with minimum entrapment points to ensure easy cleaning. All product contact surfaces are also totally crack and crevice free with weld joints finished smooth. Polished mirror finishes can be provided both internally and externally, with outside surfaces subject to an optional bead blasting if required.

If in a tubular design, a high pressure dust tight seal is achieved with a unique design of removable end covers fitted to the conveying tube. A tubular feeder or conveyor can also be fitted with manually operated quick release clamps if required. This minimises the installation of a clean conveyor to the existing drive and suspension assembly in the event of a product change on the production line.

Drive units, including items certified for use in hazardous areas, can be supplied in a variety of frequency modulations to cover specific application feed requirements.

A vibrating screen complements a system by providing safety screening against product agglomeration or oversize lumps as well as ensuring accurate feed rates. These are manufactured with the same attention to provide smooth uncluttered easy to clean surfaces, with quick release dust-tight covers. FIBC and big bag filling can also benefit from a vibratory table that compacts material to ensure that the minimum amount is spent on container size and transport post weighing and packing.

Watch the video below for an example of an Applied Vibration vibratory feeder demonstrating bulk feed and trickle feed for weighing and packing applications: